Friday, March 23, 2018

I'm trying to set aside time

to get back into my art journal a  bit - 
But life is busy, y'all.
And, I don't mind busy...
But I do enjoy a little alone time with my paper and paints -  
[And it's fun to cut little 'sayings' out of the book pages to use as my quote - 
I'm saving screen shot ideas on my phone 
to give me some prompts to get to started...
And then I just open up the paints and go - 
For these two I didn't sketch anything out -
 just went straight with paint - 
What a dare-devil I am! HA.
And on this one, I'll admit that I sketched it while on-the-go...
Then taped it in my art journal and painted it a few weeks later - 
Just fun and palyful - 
A place to try new ideas and make mistakes...
i encourage anyone interested in art to 
grab an art journal [I mostly use old books] 
and dig in and PLAY!
There's so many places for inspiration!

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