Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Lottie Scotty 006-2017

We've had lots of discussion and research about where to put this little unit 
and finally decided that it will just work best aesthetically if it's under the table -

So Craig set to work cutting the opening just right for it to fit. 
These photos were taken before he put the trim up.
It's setting on the tongue outside and we have a fun idea 
for the cover when it's not in use - 
More on that later!
Meanwhile, we [and by we, I mean ME]
have spent some time taping off all the little silver trim pieces
 throughout the camper before starting the painting process.
 Goodbye 1971 browns....
[You can see the difference in the photos with the AC above -
and that's just with a couple of coats - ]
[We will spiff up the Scotty logo a bit before putting it back up -]
 Hello nice, bright, clean whites! 
I'm doing my best to get every nook and cranny white as can be!
 We're using this paint that was highly recommended by other camper renovators...

 It really is amazing the difference a coat or two [or five]
of paint can make in a room - or camper....
And I enjoy painting, so it's all good.
 We did, however, decide to spray paint inside the cabinets, as well as the doors - 
And the insides of the doors will be that classic blue for a bit of contrast.
But alas, there's still a few more down and dirty things that need to be done -
I'll share more of that soon -

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