Friday, September 8, 2017

Lottie Scottie Update 005-2017

We have electricity! 

It's shocking!!
 - Pawley and I can attest to that - 
We knew we wanted to re-wire for safety reasons so Craig pulled wire over the ceiling and all through the little walls ...
I may have shared already that he wired 
this little original gas light with an LED bulb...
 Then painted it red... 
You can see that the color really pops!
I'm loving the switch on it that works as a dimmer too...

Here's a close-up of the fixture -
[We painted this wall for the purpose of photographing - the real painting got started after the electricity was up and going - ]
He also took out the two original pennant lights [they are VERY fragile and one is broken and the other cracked] and has it ready for a couple of new versions we will put in after the paint.
He also wired a couple of overhead lights - 
I'm pretty sure these are LED too -
 He wired and put in new plugs just where we wanted / needed them - 

And pulled it all together in a RV converter box that will keep us running safely. 
It controls both regular house power and 12 Volt.

A few of the lights are connected to this battery so we can use them 
without being plugged into electricity -
 It was SO EXCITING to plug it all in! 
And it was great to have a fan and lights while i started painting last week when he was working out / town - that is until I stepped out with no shoes on and got a little [?!?!] buzz when I tried to close the door - 
And while it wasn't rocket science and we could have figured it out eventually, it was kind of nice to have a rocket scientist listen to the process and help us determine pretty quickly that we had double-grounded - waa-laa! Craig was able to correct that in a flash - but not before Pawley ventured over and got a little buzz too -
Really -it's all good - 
Craig did a WONDERFUL job with our electricity - 
and I immediately thought --- we are changing plans and 
putting in the air conditioner NEXT.
[And we did - stay tuned - ]

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