Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lottie Scottie Update No. 001-2017

Here's the deal - 
We bought our first little canned ham [Scotty] about a yer ago - 
and we adored her - 
But as we got into the re-furb, it turned out to be a little more than we wanted to do -
We [again, really, my sweetheart -] re-built the front wall, re- built the front benches, and re-built the slide out bed / couch... but there was still A LOT that needed to be done..

 Late in the spring we bought this jewel for parts - and cleaned it out, got a few things we wanted / needed and sent it on its way [for a profit.] 
It got us to thinking about how the extra height was pretty cool... 
I loved that there were windows  that let light in yet were high enough that people standing on the ground could not see in - 
 So that brings us to Lottie 2.o.
[Hereafter referred to as Lottie Scotty.]
You know, my sweetheart is always 'looking' for a good deal - so when he found this one and it was affordable and I saw THAT DOOR, I was all about going to see it before someone else grabbed it up -- 
 And then I saw THESE WINDOWS up front - oh. my.
 She needs a little work - but NOTHING like her cousin!
I'll be documenting how we're coming along with it all if you want to follow along! 

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