Monday, July 10, 2017

Who remembers Micky Dolenz?

From The Monkees --
------photo of Monkees book------------
They were the first concert I ever attended - 
with my sister and a neighbor friend - 
and our parents... 
in Memphis
when I was 8 years old.
 So there's that.
I think it's cool that I still have my concert book [above.]
When we heard that Micky was doing a solo show 
 Sister scooped us up some tickets... 
And we knew we were supposed to be close to the stage, but were SO surprised to see that we were TOUCHING it. Seriously, my bag sat on the stage in front of a speaker all night!
And [another surprise!] it was not too loud to enjoy!
 It was fun to hear sister and those around us talking about how they loved them in the past - and how they all new this ws his sister, Cocoa, singing with him... 
[It was cool to see their family photos on the screens as they sang too --] 
 [And I love picmonkey btw, that helped me edit these photos - 
bc they ALL have that purple tint, SOC...]
 So, he did a great show.
He sang a lot of old favorites - that I remembered most of the words to - 
[Again, thanks to sister who played them over- and -over and -over again in the room we shared while growing up together. ]
I think the best part of the evening for me was looking over at sister and seeing how much she seemed to be enjoying it. It was such a fun night together! 
This is us with Rod Stewart [not really] whom we were actively avoiding, 
but still had to take a selfie with - lol.
Check out The City Winery next time you're in Nashville - 
It's a great venue!

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