Monday, June 19, 2017

My sweetheart had

some work along The Gulf Coast recently, 
so I took a little leave and tagged along.
 It's always nice to be in Mobile together since it is the city where our life together truly began. 
Sure. we dated three years before getting married, but it was in Mobile, far away from family and friends [and with pricey long distance and no such thing as computer connections] that we learned to depend on each other and grow a foundation for what our relationship is today. 
So it was kind of fun to drive out and see that our first apartment was still there - 34 years later...
And of course, we had to trek on down to Dauphin Island,our beach of choice while living in the area... maybe because we lived out in the Theodore area for part of the time...
I always LOVE seeing how the island ebbs and flows with the changes of weather, and life, and time...
There's more available lodging than I've seen in YEARS, and yet, the beaches still seem almost deserted...
And while it was 80+* out, there was quite a breeze and the water felt VERY cold to me... 
So I wasn't quick to jump in like my sweetheart...
So enjoyed the sunshine and playing with my little 
super-zoom camera a bit - 
I love it when I can capture water droplets splashing up!
And the zoom! 
Oh. My.
From THIS [can you EVEN see the oil rig?]
And our little crab friend...
It's always so fun to watch them scurry about!
It was a beautiful day...
and the water was kind of perfect 
[just too cold for me - ha.]
[This was a cell phone photo - ]
We even had some local birds 
join us for a while...
All-in-all, a wonderful fun [quick] get-a-way
to The Gulf we love so much!
I'm so glad we live a life where we try to tuck a little [or a lot!] of fun along the way! Because, the next day it was BACK-TO-WORK.
Soooo... we work hard and play hard.
Until next time!

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