Friday, June 23, 2017

Here's the page

I created for our faith journaling group this month -
I love those vintage hotel key rings and couldn't get them out of my head. 
There are many verse you could use this with - but I chose Matthew 16:19
[Note that it is wrong-wrong-wrong on the handout.]
Now, I don't trace everything I do, but sometimes....
I just need to!
So, I actually googled vintage 'key ring' and 'keys' and cut them out and traced them on the hand out [and on my Bible page as well.] 
[Handwriting is mine tho.]
FEEL FREE to print this out and use it however you want!
Here's a closer look at mine -
 I used prisma pencils on this one - 
and I think it looks okay, but there's no secret that I prefer water colors...
You can see that I always start with a pencil, and may / may not get all the lines erased...
I've given up perfectionism and try to enjoy the process  
[meditating on God's Word] 
I'm so very thankful that Jesus paid the price so that we could be given the 
keys to the kingdom of heaven!

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