Thursday, May 11, 2017

Y’all know that we’ve been on the road

a bit these last few weeks ---
Lots of work travel for me, along with some fun travel with family and friends… 
And then MORE work travel for me and my sweetheart… 
[We love the early morning streets of New Orleans - ]
So we tucked a little beach time in between some of it…
[A very windy time at The Gulf.]
When we got home early Tuesday afternoon we found this one 
believing she was the queen of the house. 
[And, while she is, really, we don’t always want her believing THAT. Ha.] 
Seems our house / kitty checker didn’t quite get the door closed to her area, 
and in their defense, KittyLou has become quite adapt at opening doors... – lol -- > 
No problem since she could still get to her litter box[es] – whew!
We went by to pick up the tiny dog on our way into town… 
and this has been the longest we’ve left her in ages…
It was sooo fun to watch [and listen!] to her yip and yap as she ran smiling through the house when she got home! She was truly happy to be home with us once again.
Everyone who's had a dog knows they can smile, right?
 We were so happy that we got on the road early enough to have time at home to get the car unpacked [really wish I’d gotten a photo of our packed car – HA],  laundry done, mail picked up, AND yard work completed!! 

YES! Double lawn mowers!!
We even had time to go to the local Farmer’s Market 
and catch up on a couple of our recorded TV shows.
  Having the afternoon to re-group helped us be ready to start another busy work week.
I know I say this over and over – we love our busy lives, yes we do. 
But we also try [our best] to be very INTENTIONAL about 
seeking out the good things in each day. 
 Look for it!
There’s always something to be grateful for – 
We just need to slow down enough to see the gifts given to us each day!

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