Friday, May 19, 2017

I kind of wish I was back here

for another day or two - 
I think I mentioned that we tucked a couple of days in at The Gulf between our work trips - 
And we enjoyed it for the most part - except for two things:
My sweetheart got a little [?!?] food poisoning and it was VERY WINDY [cold.] 
On the way back to Alabama we stayed at this gorgeous inn in Biloxi -  
HArd to believe it's a Choice hotel!
But their Ascension Hotels rarely disappoint!
This is the view from our room-  so beautiful!
The entire place was pretty incredible!
As we traveled on, we dipped down into Bay St. Louis, a favorite little spot on the map. 
I love these angel trees so much - carved from trees destroyed by Katrina.

 They have incredible detail. This one actually has several angels carved into it.
 And at last, the sugary white sands of The Gulf.
We always love a seagull welcome!
But they move on pretty quickly once they realize we have nothing to offer them...

We thought the wind would cover our shoes with sand before went inside!

So I finally found a little sheltered spot around the pool where I could enjoy the sun and surf with the wind blocked by our building.  I spent a little time with Art while my sweetheart re-cooped from the bad hushpuppie [or fish... although I ate that too...]
He's almost back to normal now...
All-in-all a pretty good trip!

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