Friday, May 26, 2017

Here's a few more Bible Art pages

 I've worked on this month - mostly in hotel rooms - Ha.
-Tis truth.
These are actually notes from a Rick Warren devotional I read this month.
 You can see that the art behind it had bled through A LOT.
And I'd already wrapped a bit of washi tape around the side of the page...
I think it all blended in nicely and
I kinda love that pineapple - inspired by google images.
This one is inspired by some wall paper I saw at Hobby Lobby - 
and this has been a favorite song of mine since middle school... 
This one - inspired by a meme on facebook..
Again, I used a favorite song.
[Note that this is in my interleaved Bible...]
And lastly, more sermon notes... 
I'm just trying to highlight those things 
that speak to me in the sermons each Sunday.
There's no right or wrong way to do Bible Journaling - 
Just do what suits your fancy at the time...
Y'all can see that I'm ALL OVER THE PLACE in terms of 'style.'
Just enjoy the process, meditating on God's Word and 
spending time with Him in prayer as you create. 
Go for it!

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