Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Omgoodness - It's probably been a year ago

 that I shared a little bit about my pocket pages from our Florida Trip with MK –
So I wanted to share a bit more detail –
PHOTO CRED: some of these photos were taken by her parents – some were taken by my sweetheart – some were taken by Disney – and some were taken by me… 
[Glad that’s out of the way -]
So we started the week in Lego Land [in retrospect – I will probably change that 2016 to white letters – or yellow—so it will pop a bit more… 
[Do y’all do that too? Go back and change pages later?]
I think Lego Land was the perfect introduction to theme parks for MK - it was a bit smaller with less people and it was a lot of fun! 
You can see that I try to include bits of ephemera , if you will, 
our on-line tickets, parking, brochures, my pages -
One favorite thing I like to do is take a brochure and put one of our own photos on it –
See the flap on the map? 
I also like to include maps of the parks since we've learned from Disney 
that things change a bit over the years ....
I also tend to put embellishments OUTSIDE the pockets for a bit of dimension...
Here, I've left a blank card to go back and  journal a bit....
They stayed in the Lego hotel - so their room was pretty neat and it was cool for 
MK to 'meet' Lego characters in the lobby and at breakfast - 
They had a GREAT experience with the characters who took up lots of time with MK - 
We actually spent a couple of days at Disney before they joined us
[or we joined them at their room at the Polynesian.
"Aunt Judy, what's that noise?" - Apparently, I REALLY do snore - lol]
Dumbo was definitely a favorite place to be - we went back again and again.
We had a VERY rainy day at Animal Kingdom, so of course I had to 
add in the little bit of art we created together back in the room…

Also note – I use different sizes of pages – another favorite thing!
MK really loved Donald in Mickey's Philharmonic at the Magic Kingdom so when she met him 'in person' she was so excited! This was our first character meal at Animal Kingdom and we enjoyed the variety of foods available.
We had the Disney Photo Pass - or whatever they call it now - so we had lots of fun with all the add-ins - and of course, Pluto is always a favorite!
You can see this is a REGULAR 12x12 page.... because
I wanted to tell the story of one of my favorite memories…
MK LOVED the little Mermaid and was beyond thrilled to meet her...
Dare, I say - a little 'star struck'? 
I think she could've sat there and talked about all of her adventures all day!
It was precious.
Another favorite memory is finding ourselves just outside It’s a Small World 
as the fireworks EXPLODED right on top of us – 
I really think it's the best place to be if you LOVE fireworks.
And we basically had the area to ourselves 
since everyone else was IN FRONT of the castle.
Again, an 8x10 page here...
More photo pass photos... 
from Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot, I think...
Another character Meal in the Magic Kingdom...
and the Crystal Place was as fun as we'd remembered...
And oops, this is where MK leaned over and
whispered a question to her mommy,
"Are there people in there?" But it was still magical!
We ended the week with breakfast at the Polynesian
[always good!] with Lilo and Stitch
and of course, The Main Mouse joined us too!
 The last few pages are more photo pass photos
- I'll admit, I really love some of them!!
And lastly you can see that, ahmm, 
I needed to buy some pockets to hold all of these vertical photos – 
which I did - and they are all nicely tucked away in our “Places we go -  Disney” album…. 
I really do LOVE the pocket systems to document trips / events where I have a ton of photos - and as you can see above, I almost always end up adding in different types of pages!

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