Wednesday, January 18, 2017

So! It’s the start of a new year and

 many of us use this time to kind of, sort of recalculate our life plans or goals --- 
Not a bad thing to do every now and again, actually. 
Because, you guys know – I don’t think we should meander through life, 
but instead – live intentionally. 
And you can’t do that without some goals, 
both short-term and long-term…
One way to have a reminder of some of my larger goals was to create a vision board… 
Some people call this an inspiration Board.
My goals for intentional living almost always revolve around 
my faith, my family, my friends, and, well… me.
I think you can see that reflected in my vision board that was created more than a few years ago and still sits prominently in my office today.
So I just wanted to quickly recap how I made it –
First I thought about the intentions I wanted in my life: a closer walk with the Lord, special times with my sweetheart and family, time with friends, and a healthier me – 
Hey, don’t we all want that? 
Then I looked through magazines and newspapers and tore out anything that resonated with these goals – pictures, words, phrases, etc. 
Next I found a canvas and painted it all over, including the sides. 
 I used three coordinating colors – even though you can’t see it well, the contrasting colors make a big difference. After this dried completely I went through my tear-outs and positioned them on the board WITHOUT ADHESIVE; trimming them and moving them around until I found just the right fit for me. 
Lastly, I used mod podge to stick it all down, with a good layer over the top as well. 
Before I made this one I’ve had smaller versions in my calendars a few different years – just the size of a calendar / planner page where I could see it throughout the year. 
I think I used plain ole tape to secure everything down on those… whatever works. 
It’s good to have some encouraging words around us, so, 
I ENCOURAGE YOU to take a little time this weekend 
and think about your goals or intentions for your life and spend a little time gathering pictures, words or phrases that will help you reach them! 
Would love to see what you come up with!

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