Friday, December 30, 2016

A very quick re-cap of 2016

Remember over half my photos were lost in September - so,
Let's go - 
January - 
Starting the year with MK at Disney was simply The Best.
And it's been YEARS since we've had one-on-one time with Pooh!
 February -
My yearly conference at The Gulf was full of tornado warnings - 
It was beautiful after it passed us by...
Not so much for Pensacola, though.
 March  -
Stopped by the railroad bridge on the way to 
Easter Service at First Baptist, Sheffield
 April -
Back near The Gulf for work...
Someone's gotta do it - 
And hey, if I'm that close, you KNOW my toes are going to be in the sand!
May - 
Lucky to join Craig for HIS work travel to New OrLEENS.
Lots of good farm-to-Table meals - YUM.
And, I found a fun yoga class to join in while there!
June - 
Family Time!
So blessed to have my family!
 July -
Doing a little shopping - I think this is the day we bought the Instant Pot
Taking selfies bc I finally REALLY like my hair.
{It takes some getting used to!}
Oh - and,
Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.
 August -
Pt. Mallard - where everyone can be a kid again!
[If you go on a week day after school starts - lol]
 September -
 Love this group so much!
October - 
NO ONE said a word about my BLUE HAIR. 
Thought I'd give it a go on vaycay - 
I didn't mind it - but the spray in paint stuff drove me cRaZy.
Can you see it better here?
Or here?
They call Chicago The Windy City for a reason - lol.
November - 
This was absolutely one of the best days of the year.
 SO WONDERFUL gathering with my sweet extended family.
 December -

 So, I have LOTS of December photos - 
and you'll get to see some more when I share my December album - 
[YES. I did one. ]
But for now - 
I LOVE that my kiddos
are always up for my crazy photo shenanigans!
They are the best. 
Forever and always. 
Happy New Year everyone!


Debbie Flowers said...

Happy New Year.

Susan said...

Happy New Year! We leave about 25 miles from Disney California and go often so I enjoyed your Disney picture and blue hair too!