Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Random photos from the last few weeks -

It's still fun to think, "I see the rocket first!" 
when driving into our little city at night....
Loving our 'volunteer' tomato plant that grew near the compost bin - 
And I confirmed that I got quite a deal a few years back on the World's Longest Yard Sale when I bought an eight place setting of these for $10. Total.
We always love to eat BBQ here when we're in town.
Double Yum.
We enjoyed our evening out to see Alice Cooper...
Bought our tickets the day of [and didn't pay full price, of course.]
I'd forgotten how LOUD rock music could be - ha.
This is a picture of a picture because I STILL haven't gotten the photos off my camera... 
But the little super zoom came through for me once again...
Enjoyed time with MK and family to celebrate her 8th birthday
- where has the time gone?!?
She's enjoying photo bombs, so Craig obliged...
And I love how she'll explain things to you, 
up close and personal -
It's always fun to see vintage type signs when we're out and about - 
And we shared a wonderful lunch with Craig's mother too!
Oh - and I finally demo'd how VERY easy it is to make the marshmallow frosting...
TRIPLE yum for the win.

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