Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Just sharing

some recent Bible Journaling I've done recently -
This one inspired by the flags I saw in July...
I think this was inspired by the Beth Moore study a few months back..
[I often put a little idea on a sticky note and put it near the scripture so I can go back and review / study / create later.]
TOTALLY inspired by someone on-line.
[Sorry! I can't remember the name -] 
Loved that it went well with the Names of God study I recently did,
and, perfect - I had two verse I could use.
While I've completed that study -- I still have a few names to illustrate.
Love that Bible Journaling helps me to go back 
and re-read / study a passage over again -
This one is totally inspired by a pinterest find. 
I love these trees that remind me so much of 
how Junelle taught us how to do them...
And the verse is great!
This was inspired by a little bookmark someone in my monthly group had... Since I already had notes on the page I had to incorporate the design around those... I also used some washi tape from Illustrated Faith to separate the notes a bit...
And lastly - this one was inspired by a Girlfriend's in God devotional.
It made me think of the children's song we used to sing in Mission Friends, so I wanted a playful look - but it speaks truth: 
Stop comparing yourself with others - 
God has made you one-of-a-kind 
with unique gifts and talents.
Look all the world over - 
There's no one like me.
Hope you enjoy -

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