Monday, June 6, 2016

So what did you do on the Memorial Day weekend?

I wanted a lazy day. Or two... Or three...
But I did get a few projects done - like cleaning up the play room and craft room - YAY. 
And buying / planting a few flowers and veggies 
[very few - I got ONE cherry tomato plant and one basil plant - 
I don't think I could live without those - lol.]
[Side note - LOVE that our hydrangeas are blooming after two years of NOTHING.]
 I also pulled my mom's glass ware out of the attic and decided to use it -  
I sooooo did not want this box when we were packing up her house two years before she passed away - but she insisted I take it... and now it gives me a sweet memory of her when I see them. So they went into the dishwasher before being put away - and the ones we had went to Goodwill, along with a car load of other stuff.[Double yay.]
We got up early and went over for the key grab on Sunday morning... 
Always a favorite of ours. 
And let me just say that if you've gone without sugar for a couple of weeks, the combination of 2 [and a bite of #3] Krispy Kremes + 2 cups of coffee is NOT a good one - 
 We had dinner with friends at a favorite German place - and so funny that is showed up in my memories [facebook] on Memorial Day a couple of years ago. Ha. 
And we enjoyed watching these two finish The Cotton Row Run.
They did great - then we had breakfast and a little game time together - 
Was it Exploding Cats and Salem [witch hunt]?
Lots of fun!
Then, of course, it was back to the work week - but thankfully I have another Monday holiday to book-end it. I'm not even sure what it is... 
That's a sad statement for a state employee, isn't it?

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