Monday, May 23, 2016

We've recently had a little work

done on our Camper / RV  - and he's lookin' good!

 [The Wanderer] 
as we affectionately call him, needed a little face lift...
 [And my Sweetheart found The Best guy to do it!]
I think this photo was taken before the air conditioner / etc. was put back on...
So to 'celebratewe enjoyed a little wee kend away over to Desoto State Park -  
Where the Rhododendron Festival was happening...
We enjoyed seeing all the flowers in bloom - 
As well as hearing a nice band during the fish fry on Friday evening... 
Fun and delicious.
It was a foggy morning the next day
[that's our camper, when Em and I were out for the morning walk -]
And we headed out to 
The Collinsville Flea Market - 
Always a treat, because - 
you never know what you find that you never knew you needed - lol.
[and, no, we didn't buy it -
Y'all know I'm not into Santas - ha.]
Then we went over to the Vintage Pickin' Farm Sale.
They had the area set up with lots of vintage goodies - 
On the grounds, and in a couple of the barns. 
The weather was PERFECT by this time - no rain, no sun, a cool breeze... 
Is it May in the South?!?, 
Because it sure doesn't feel like it!!
We saw lots of things that gave us fun ideas...
[Jan L - I'm not sure WHY this made me think of you!]
But we didn't buy anything - 
That's because we'd already found our treasure at a little sale on the side of the road...
Something we've had our eye out for
for [more that a] few years now...
And since she said make an offer - 
And then took what Craig said - 
I was like,
We'll have to do some re-arranging to find it's perfect spot...
But I know it will be a treasure for years to come...
After all that shopping - hmmm, I mean hiking through the sales.... 
we enjoyed one of the best things about camping ---
Just being together and sharing our hopes and dreams...

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