Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My planner has evolved a bit...

As I've shared before - I have a WORKING PLANNER - 
Meaning I use it to plan [ahead] and keep track of what's next in my life - 
I don't use it to record what happened last week --- 
Those planners look fun, but  my scrapbooks / art journals are for that.

This is my work / life calendar and as I've added in more artsy goodness 
it's evolved these past few weeks to what works best for me. 
[Right now.
Because who knows? 
I might have a completely different take on it a few months from now --] 
 So the first thing I need to admit / confess / share with you is that 
I switched calendars mid February... 
Day Springs put the one I REALLY WANTED on sale... 
So I got it -  
and I love that it has scripture at the top of each week.
The front is also titled Great Things Ahead - 
which plays into my quote for the year 
[- see quotes at the beginning of each month.]
So that's April up above - a pretty full month... 
And I love the little chihuahua sticker[s] I found to mark when the flea tx is needed.
 This is May -
You can see that I'm still incorporating my quote of the month as well as a photo...
These are tip-ins in the planner world - meaning they are taped on only one edge so they lift up and have things like meal plans or blog lists / goals underneath... 

 And here's a very full week - 
 I've started using a card / tip-in for a work list and a personal list - 
I'm writing actual events / appointments on the date and 
I made these cut little "Let's Do Lunch" printables to mark those fun events - 
and let me you assure this was an extra-ordinary week -  
Maybe my only full week in town for the month
so I needed to squeeze some girlfriend time in there!
 The backs of the tip-ins have my chore list and 
calorie counter / weight log on them - for my eyes only - lol.
HA - I've just realized that both of these weeks have Craig on fishing trips 
Not a regular thing
But the crappie are biting in the spring and he has to take advantage of it.
In looking ahead - I almost always write appointments, etc in pencil - 
because social workers must be very flexible - lol.
You can see I already have my two lists for this upcoming week - 
As well as an appointment card and flea tx reminder 
[that I created from a google image.]
Those card will be filled as I get closer to the week --
I also wanted to share some of the tabs I've added to the back.
[Click on photos if you want to see them larger -] 
Just a quick run through
I'm sure yours will be different according to the things you want to keep up with in your life - 
On-line Orders -  
I've recently embraced the joy of on-line ordering 
[something my sweetheart has enjoyed for a while now...] 
So I like to keep track so I don't over-do-it and 
so I can be sure I receive what I've ordered...
Crafty Ideas - Instead of having lots of little notes floating around everywhere...
Whenever an idea comes to me - I just record it here... just for me...
I may or may not do something with it - 

Next is a tab for our Home... some of these will grow and become a reality - 
 Some are things we need to budget to be sure they get done this year...  
Some of them will be pondered and finally given a big no. 
But I like having them all in one place...
I also have tabs for work - health - meals 
where I keep up with all the little things having to do with 
those areas of my life...

And I've always loved Quotes so I had to have a tab for that too...
And Books to be read / or that have been read...  etc.
Just to clarify - I've always had these pages in the back of my calendars -
But this year I've added cute tabs from scrapbook supplies or planner kits..
And it does make it a little more fun! LOL. 
Would love to see your ideas

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