Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's no secret that I love

vintage suitcases!
I can't pass up a vintage train / make-up case if it's less than $10 - 
But that's a story for another time..
 Today we'll talk a bit about the vintage cases I use for crafting...
This is my most recent purchase - from an antique store - half off - 
I got it for $15 -
And I'll admit, I didn't even look inside y'all. 
Here's a few others that I have...
 You might remember the one on top was my first little art case - 
I put holders for brushes and water colors and a sketch pad.
It's small - but so nice for a little outing to a park to sketch a bit..
 The middle one is a little canvas case that I imagine 
went to many-a-sleepvoer during the seventies!
Just look at that pattern! 
I put little baskets that held acrylic paints on my desk for a year or so -- 
it also travels well.
Then there's this little beauty that sets on my painting desk.
It has baskets that hold [much more] acrylic paint than the smaller case above.
I love that I can just close it up and go...
[Eek! It's not been unpacked since my recent classes at scrapping for a cure!]
But I couldn't pass the big one up -
It's in good shape inside - 
There's one little toothpaste stain that I need to clean off the pocket... 
But it's big y'all - and I knew if I was going to use it for anything I'd need some dividers... 
I actually measured and searched for some trays / boxes to fit inside...
But ended up with paper box lids - lol
They fit almost perfectly!
I spruced them up a bit with some camper duck tape and scrap book paper I picked up at Tuesday Morning. After I adhered it in, I taped the edges down around the top with heavy duty packing tape.
I love that this little case is deep enough to hold two boxes - 
And it still closes easliy -
[It actually opens flat.]
Sooooo... I'm thinking of using it for some of my faith art supplies 
so I can easily take it all with me when I'm on the road. 
- Right now it's in two different smaller bags...
I may need some smaller contaniers / dividers to keep things organized - 
For now, I took a couple of my kit boxes 
[these are from the Scarlet Lime Planner Kit < -- so fun!]
and topped them with some more vintage looking scrap book paper. 
I can actually fit two into one paper box lid tray.
So now I've got to get it filled and ready to go on a little trip - 
I'll share in a bit later on how it worked out!
 Here's the deal - I love it
and it's GREAT to corral all my crafty goodness 
if I'm going to be gone a few days -  
But for regular day to day FAith Art Journaling
I'll probably stick to my little bag that holds "just enough."
- Which is quiet a lot actually - 
it filled THE ENTIRE bottom [take-out] box in the suitcase above.
But I LOVE that this one can hold my stitching + my art journal [hymnal] and paints, etc. + my Bible and  Journaling supplies for that [water colors, pencils, etc.] 

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