Friday, April 15, 2016

We all make mistakes from

time to time, don't we?
Y'all know that I've just started using stamps in my Bible Journaling - 
and I'm so NOT a stamper - 
But for some reason, I'm loving the bit of imperfection that stamped words add...
But it's been a learning process...
Mainly which inks to use - or not use [Staz-On!]
More on that in a moment...
 Before I get started on 
- let me share a couple of pages, one using stamps, that I'm happy with -  
Y'all know that songs often end up on my Bible pages - 
And this one is perfect for Philippians 3:10.
Since I'm 'new' to stamping I pulled out several little stamp sets to play with...
My favorite [on this page] is the little lower case set 
that came from the $1 section at Michael's a while back...
and the companion page - 
This is sermon notes with color added 
from water colors + a little [arrow] washi tape.
Now for the mistake
- and how I fixed it -
Here's a page that I've shown you  before -  
One I did early last year, actually -- 
Well look at it here -  
with the bleed-through from stamping with too much ink...
Not. Good.
Here's the culprit - 
This is sermon notes from back in the day that I wanted to add a bit of art to...
So I did the banner... and added the washi - 
at my little Birmingham meet-up [thanks Jessica!] 
And then the song lyrics came to mind 
so I added them, partially with stamps...
But, oops.
Staz-on is definitely NOT the ink to use on thin Bible pages.
Here's what I did to fix it
I took a photo of the page before gluing down [mod podge] a piece of white paper.
Then I just re-created it with water colors and colored pencils.
Pretty close to the original, don't you think?
AND - the extra paper adds very little 'weight' to the page - 
something I'm particular about because I don't want to 'bulk-up' this Bible with a ton of inserts since it's the BIble I carry to church these days.
NOTE - I put wax paper underneath the page before gluing 
to prevent it from sticking to other pages - 

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