Wednesday, April 6, 2016

So. How do you pack for

a weekend scrapbook crop / event?
 I think I may be getting lazier* and lazier* - 'cause here's how I do it these days - 
... I just  pile it all in a big bin and put it on a rolly cart and call it a day. 
 I'll dissect it a bit for you....
 First I have bags of kits - 
These are coordinated scrapbook items [paper, alphabets, embellishments...] 
that sit in a basket on my desk.  
I still have LOTS of kits from Noel Mignon [< -- which I LOVE, btw.] But I've also started buying selective lines on-line from Bella Blvd, My Mind's Eye and BoBunny... 
to name  a few.
I love a kit / line of products because it's all right there for me to use - with little thinking about what goes with what -  [I told you I was lazy*...]
Next, I have my little 31 bag full of photos... and some memorabilia too...
Here's a close-up of how I keep track of the layouts I want to complete - 
I just write it on the outside of the envelope that the photos come in -- 
and put little [sticky note] tabs on the photos so I can grab them quickly.
[Pay no attention to the speaker KittyLou knocked in the floor...] 
I draw a line through it when the layout is completed.
I sometimes pitch in an album and / or page protectors... it's rare though, because I mostly scrap my pages outside of albums and keep them in a stack until I'm ready to put them in their 'assigned' place. 
But I really want to finish up this 2015 travel album that I started at the 
Teresa Collins Event back in the fall.
I also want to sort through the used kits and re-organize them into themes 
[Winter - Spring - Summer - Fall - Holidays, etc.]
Then I top it all off with my basic tool kit - that I use regularly sitting on my scrapbook desk. I also sometimes take my embellishment case that also sits on my desk - it fits nicely on top of the bin, and is easy to get in and out of crop space - 
 So there you have it - I try my best to be a one trip in / out - stick it under the table to save space kind of gal... and most of the time it works... But, I'm sure for this upcoming event I'll be taking a few faith journaling supplies as well... I'll share more on that later....
p.s * - I prefer to call it organized

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