Monday, March 28, 2016

I hope you had a good week

I've not been as regular as I'd like in posting the ole Monday Musings this month -- 
I started the month with a sinus infection and let myself get dehydrated after the steroid shot so I was really sick-sick-sick... then had a week of training -  
[photo cred: Boltons]
But so enjoyed seeing several family members and new 
[Bible Journaling] 
friends while working out of town - 
And I obviously don't get downtown much because 
this was NEW TO ME - 
and I'm sure it's been there for years already - ha 
Y'all know I enjoy the unusual too - and while I'll admit to having ONE of these on my dashboard 
[- a flower - it takes me back to the days with my new beetle] 
- I've never seen quite THIS MANY in one place - lol 
So - in March we finally had a little spring-time weather  
here in the south
and all the daffodils bloomed -
As well as the redbuds - how I love them!
I especially love seeing their bright colors
welcoming spring up and down the interstate!
[So glad we planted some in our yard -]
March also [FINALLY] brought the first fireflies 
[3-25- this year!] 
I was about to think I'd be waiting until April  
since we've had a VERY cool spring...
And try as I might, I couldn't get a photo - ha.
KittyLou has been spending her days outside but still loves napping on our bed during the evenings... She's grown SO MUCH - weighed almost eight pounds the last time she was at the vet... but is still scared of the Tiny Dog that is half her size....

Two things I wish I could have gotten a photo of this month: 
1 - the leprechaun that was dancing at the FloBama on St. Patrick's Day - he was always surrounded by people so I could never [subtly] get one -  And 2 -  the Easter Bunny running behind the house as we were leaving the sunrise service up on the mountain - he was too quick [and elusive] and I didn't have my wits about me enough to grab my phone for a photo - lol
Thanks so much to FB and IG followers for being patient as I used those accounts to hold me accountable for my self-imposed challenge to draw a cat a day. I posted the good, the bad, and the ugly - because that's just keeping it real... 
And while I have several that I'm happy with - 
This one was probably my favorite of all...
"Through the Years"
[Easter Morning]
Well you know we're always happy to be with our people - and we were able to have meals with both boys and their gals several times throughout the month - as well as a couple with good friends [but I'm missing those weekly get togethers we had going for a while...]
 And we enjoyed being Craig's mother a couple of times this month too!

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