Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I wanted to share a bit

about my 'process' in art journaling  - 
I've already shared that I usually use books I get at the thrift store...
And I start by painting the background
[Many times I like a thin coat so you see the background through the paint...]
Then I do a pencil sketch 
[almost always inspired by something I see on pinterest] 
and begin painting - 
You can see that these days  
KittyLou keeps a watchful eye on things...
After I'm happy with the paint
I outline with a pen, and add words and stickers - 
[these were all created on the computer]
and outline those as well.
And there you have it - a fun little page 
reflecting a song that's been on my heart.
Note: It's important to let each process dry completely 
before adding pen to the page...

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