Monday, December 28, 2015

There’s been a lot of hype this past year about being a hero –

These days it seems that some people think ANYONE can be hero –
Even those who order chicken fingers on-line…
But we all know what really makes someone a hero, don’t we?
The word hero comes from the Greek - hero - warrior, 
literally 'protector' or 'defender.'
1. One admired for his achievements and noble qualities - 
one who shows great courage
2. A person who, in the opinion of others,has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal
[A compilation of definitions from Webster’s, Wikipedia, and]
So I want to tell you about a little cousin of mine who grew up to be a warrior and protector of others – who is a true hero in every sense of the word.
[He’s the smallest ring-bearer in the photo above.]
[And those little fellows with him grew up to be pretty good guys too!]

Brian began his career in the District Attorney’s office where he orchestrated grand jury cases. He served his community for four years as an Alabama State Trooper and for the last six years as a corporal for the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. Brian always knew he wanted to pursue a career in investigation. He had a way of putting people at ease no matter the situation. Throughout his career he worked with many victims and their families in an effort to bring justice to perpetrators.
Just prior to his death Brian had worked closely on an investigation that involved over 31 counts of child sexual abuse to which the perpetrator entered a plea deal and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.
From his obituary: Cpl. Brian Patrick Faulkner… entered Heaven after suffering injuries from a motorcycle accident which occurred Sunday, March 9, 2014… Brian… studied criminal justice… He served his community for four years as an Alabama State Trooper and for the last six years as a corporal for the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. He previously served in the … District Attorney's office where he orchestrated grand jury cases.Brian was an avid Auburn fan, loved music of all kinds, and enjoyed boating and anything that allowed him to be outdoors. Most of all, Brian was a devoted father, adoring husband, and the epitome of a family man. Brain will always be remembered for his kind smile, his caring heart, his quick wit, and dry sense of humor. He had numerous friends from every walk of life. –
a little about him here:
Even in death Brian was a hero as he had made the decision earlier in life to donate life to others - Brian’s organs have helped five people live healthier lives. His heart, both kidneys, and liver were given to people of different ages across the state, according to the Alabama Organ Center.
Brian was chosen as the Alabama representative for the Donate Life Float in the 
2016 Rose Parade 
[read about this honor here ]
We were privileged to attend the ceremony honoring his memory where his sweet wife and son completed his floragraph.
And I met the man who received his heart… How do you wrap your head around meeting someone who has your precious loved one’s heart beating inside of them? I told him he had the heart of a warrior – a true hero – 
But I  know that he, more than anyone else, knows this 
because Brian’s heart has given him life – 
What a gift!
Join me in celebrating organ donors – TRUE HEROES! – As we watch the Rose Parade on January 1, 2016. We may not be there in person – but we are in spirit and say a prayer for each of the donor recipients and a prayer of thanksgiving for all of the heroes 
who made the choice to Donate Life. 
[I have, have you?]

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