Monday, November 9, 2015

So... let's back it up a little bit...

and talk about Halloween...
[photo cred: Bobbie Weinbaum]
 It's so obvious that I'd never make it as one of those 'professional' bloggers who post their holiday posts a month out in order to inspire the rest of us - 
and I'm thankful they do - 
because there's some great ideas out there, y'all!  
But I'm just living life and sharing as I go -- 
and sometimes, a week or so after the fun I've had...
Y'all know I like to set a pretty [fun, crazy, whatever you want to call it] table -  
And this year's skellie theme started with these cute bowls I found at TJ Maxx...
[again, photo cred: Bobbie Weinbaum]
Shown here with my gr-mothers chicken stew recipe 
and my take on the Pioneer Woman's olive bread recipe** - OH MY.
Next, I found these adorable plates at Old Time Pottery...
I picked up the silver-plate coasters at a thrift store to raise the bowls up a bit, then I decided that I liked the look fo the silver-plate [tarnished] trays as chargers...
[We got most of these for less than $4 at thrift stores -]
The tablecloth is from Kohl's [last year 80% off] and the little black and white pumpkins are from Roses [50c each...] 
-- Jack-o-Lanterns and witch are from my stash...
I met some girlfriends at the Scrapbook Playhouse for a weekend of crafting and fun.. 
And you can see that I carried the skellie theme into my 'costume' as well...
Again, a thrift store buy [$3] that I added panels to the side for a comfortable fit - ha.
Linda had a sharknado them going on ---
 [photo cred: Amanda Zimmer]
She also made the MOST delicious and adorable cupcakes!
Pockey for spider legs - who knew?
  [again, photo cred: Amanda Zimmer]
 My sweetheart had picked up a bottle of non-alcoholic 
pumpkin flavored bubbly on sale,
 so we enjoyed that as well - and it was pretty good...
And added a festive flare to our gathering - ha.
Despite all the fun we had, I still managed to complete over 30 pages! 
- I'll share more of those in the coming days...
Until then - here's My Take on the PW's Olive Bread:
Mix together: 
1/2  stick butter
4 oz. cream cheese
1/2 cup mayo [BLUE PLATE]
8 oz cheddar cheese
and about half a cup each of chopped black olives and green olives with pimentos.
Slice French bread lengthwise [two long pieces] and spread each with the mixture [pile it on!] then back for 25 minutes at 325*.
Slice and serve.
It's my first time to make it - but, omgoodness, 
I want some right now!!

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