Wednesday, August 5, 2015

So… I decided to jump on the ole weaving bandwagon –

 I’ve seen it ALL OVER my pinterest feed so I thought I’d give it a try. My original thought was to pull something together with ‘found’ objects and see if the kiddos at the 4th of July gathering would enjoy doing it – but as I got started with it I realized it was more intense than I realized… Like most things – I jumped right in without reading any tutorials [or watching videos – which y’all know I only do as a last resort.]
I wanted it to be tied to sticks from my yard so I did that then quickly realized that I needed some sort of structure so I cut out some cardstock and notched the ends to space the weaving base. [? – is that what you even call it?!]
Then, you know me – I wanted a PATTERN so I wove a wonky star in the middle then started weaving around this – ha. I’m not ashamed to say that in the end I had some major ‘cleaning up’ to do to help this star look it’s best [and it’s still questionable.]
 Then I wove from the top down – and also up from the bottom since I wanted the stripes on each end to be the same size. Weaving the middle was tight towards the end. Tips: I would DEFINITEY recommend pulling out the large yarn needle you have stashed in the knitting bag [I didn’t, and using a pencil stump worked, but wasn’t as easy as a needle would have been. Still – it was easier than just trying to weave with my fingers. And secondly – use short lengths of yarn. ha
 After I was done I flipped it over and cut the back in the middle – then I tied each string around the stick – then tied two strings together in pairs. 

I trimmed the top and added the fringe to the bottom…
 The last thing I need to do is clean up the star – I think I can use my yarn needle to weave the yarn through where it needs to be to define it just a bit more.
 I think it looks okay. I might try a different project in the future – but all-in-all, I didn’t find weaving to be very relaxing… but of course the yarn needle and NO PATTERN might help that a little. Ha. Have y'all done any weaving projects you'd like to share?

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