Monday, August 10, 2015

Margie’s new class

 started this week – 
It's going to be a blast!
But I realized that I haven’t shared my finished product from the last class 
[and, okay – I confess that this lateness is because 
I only actually finished it last month! – ha]
But here it is – 
[And this is a long post - BEWARE.]
She gave us a series of prompts and questions to get us thinking 
as we documented the metamorphosis of our lives –
 I kind of love it –
And all the different pages made it extra fun. 
So these are the prompts I chose to work with - 
others' albums may have been different --
Margie also gave lots of journal prompts to get us thinking -
I journaled about where I am now in my life...
Things I'm working on...
mine's kind of always faith - 
 health - 
and relationships -
Then I chose characteristics I value --
For me, its those taught in my home when I was growing up --
Then I documented what I want to do more of - 
[Our lives are a continuous metamorphosis.]
I did lots of journaling there about my weight issues
[no surprises - ha] 
Then I did a few pages of a inspiration board 
Again, the different pages in this little album are so fun...
Love how the 'inspiration board' flows over and on top of itself.
 Simply cut out magazine / newspaper / flyer titles 
and words that speak to you 
and glue them down...
 My next pages are about the things [& people] 
I am grateful  / thankful to have in my life.
These little photo holders came in my Spark kit - 
 I used my tape glider to adhere  them into the album
 And lastly I journaled a bit about ways I can shared - my spark -  
I looked at it as ways I could share joy with others -
 And I continued to put some favorite photos on the next few pages --
I ended with this thought - 
"I really do enjoy the quirky and whimsical things in life and 
encourage others to embrace that part of their personality as well. 
Why do we have to act so grown up all the time? 
Let's take break and have a little fun now and then."
And of course put my photo with 
Chester the [Cheetos] Cheetah on the next page...
Because where else am I going to put this photo? - ha.
Lastly - I cut slits in the clear front and back covers 
so I could thread the lace through as a sort of closure. 
It's a fun little album that documents me right now..
or last year - 
When I actually planned it all out.
Now go sign up for this year's class and 
enjoy the fun things Margie has planned for us!!

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