Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Just a few pages to show

that I really do still scrapbook!
-- And since I tend to devote less time to it, I'm loving the little 'system' I have worked out to not double print or [worse!] make double pages.... 
I try to up load favorite photos once a month or so and when I print 
[usually at Walgreens!] 
I write on the package the page I want to complete...
 And, of course I mark through each one as it's complete --
I love a good list, don't you?
Even better - a COMPLETED list!
So... this past weekend when I had just a bit of time 
to visit with friends and crop [scrapbook lingo -] 
I only had to grab a couple of photo packets and a few kit packets 
[I still have PLENTY, believe me ---] 
and I was ready to go.
 This one was little hard to do --- 
Such fun memories with my friend Kim who passed away just six months later...
Life is precious people.
{{Be present. Be real. LIVE LIFE.}}
So... this is simple scrapbooking at ti's best for me -- 
photos + paper [and matching embellishments] + stories 
[sometimes told by the photos -]
AND -- I'm happy to report that the great scrapbook re-organization made great progress on Sunday afternoon -- I decided I had to JUST DO IT. And I'm happy to report that most of the loose pages that were on the tab;e have found a new home -- I still have a few stacks to go - but I'm going to LOVE being able to find all the beach photos in one album... or all the 'brother' pages, etc. 
Organization is a good thing... 
What are you scrappin' these days?
Or better yet, how are you keeping your memories?

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