Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Goodness - It's been a long time since my last Monday Musings Post

and I feel like I need a little 'catch-up' post --
So here goes - in no order at all - lol -
We camped up at Davey Crockett recently and went over to the Milky Way Farm - something I've wanted to do for a while now. It's beautiful - and the Manor house just might deserve a post all it's own! This photo is by the remnant of a sheep barn that is curved to match the countryside... I think it's so big that it's in the Ripley's Believe it or Not!
A few weeks ago I was blessed with the opportunity to see Priscilla Shirer Live 
right here in town. 
[Photo cred: BobiAnn on Instagram...]
- I've seen her in B'ham before - a couple of years ago -
and as always, she brings a powerful message.
 I went to The Scrapbook Playhouse for the weekend and 
my sweetie came over and cooked his delicious fish for us! 
[And the hush puppies were divine!]
We spent the weekend learning all about our cricut machines and how to use them. 
[Photo cred: A. Zimmer]
We finally buckled down and had the foundation worked on - 
[That's the top of a worker's head -]
They did a great job and really knew what they were doing and 
were in / out quickly and efficiently.
[I've got more to share about this as well -- ]
One of my favorite flowers of all is blooming right now - 
LOVE primroses so much!!
[I've got a giant patch of them now since they multiply each year!
In other news - I'm working on going grey - am not sure I'll love it... but I want to see what it looks like -- I had it lightened [foils] in January and again in February... this is what it looked like after two months of no touch ups..
And this is what it looks like after they put the blondest of blondes in with big chunky streaks.... It's the first in in ages that the hair underneath looks dark, instead of white / grey.... This is REALLY light - and I'm not sure I love it.  
I'll probably have light grey streaks put in next time...
We walked the Botanical Gardens one evening this week - 
Loving the Lego sculptures out there!
And lastly, I got to visit  and catch-up with a sweet friend during our Appreciation Luncheon that The Rock [Church] does for our office each year. 
SO FUN that they had a real photo booth!
[Which reminds me that we ate bacon and tomato sandwiches on Cinco de Mayo - ha]

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