Friday, May 8, 2015

From a note I wrote during a sermon

on a not so distant Mother's Day...
"Here's the deal --
I've never ONCE considered the opportunity / blessing of being a mother
to be a sacrifice in any way...."
I've enjoyed
Every. Single. Minute. 
[Well... maybe not the 26 + hours of labor with the one....]
And I kind of resent that a pastor would even dare to say those words.
But maybe some mothers feel like it's a sacrifice - 
Not me!
 They have brought me so much joy!
And we've learned to find joy on the journey together - 
seeking out fun family times during our otherwise chaotic & crazy life -
[Like being at the TOP of The Arch in St. Louis 
during the weekend when Drew played soccer in 105* temps - ha ]
I may have once said that I gave motherhood all I had to give - 
but the truth [for me] is that there's always more to give...
It just changes year after year...
There's nothing better for this mama's heart
than seeing these two guys enjoying life together!

I'm blessed to have them in my life - 
and blessed that they put up with my crazy photo shenanigans.
Of course, I've put up with theirs from time-to-time too.
But what can I say? 
We've taught them well - ha.
And, irregardless of what others might say --- 
It has always been a blessing to be the mother of these two guys.
-- And I'm so very happy to see the young men that they've grown up to be!

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