Monday, April 13, 2015

Random thoughts...

My sweetheart has been gone most of the week on his 
annual fishing trip with the guys.
I think he had a good time.  
And I'm sure glad to have him home -
EmmaLou and I hung out at home, 
and tried to stay out of the pollen-filled air as much as possible!

So I thought it might be fun to share some of the photos I took 
when I got my glasses from --
I've long forgotten the names of them -
[so don't even ask - ]
These [black rims] are single vision, [far-sided]  for driving in non-sunny conditions - although,, I did get some clip-on sunglasses that match perfectly for less than $4.
 These [green rims, not the exact style - but close; 
these are little more rounded than square - ] 
are single-vision, sunglasses.
Love these. 
Pay no attention to the wonderland banner behind me - these photos were taken in March, before the BIG event. And yes, there appears to be an AU bag, left from Christmas, still setting in our kitchen...
 These are probably my second favorites - 
they are bi-focal with [metal] green rims on top and wire on the bottom.
They have sunglasses too -
I'm wearing these a lot..
And these are the other set of bi-focal lenses I got.
Wire on top and rim-less on bottom.
With sunglasses, too.
[By this time I was tired of taking selfies to show off my new glasses, ha.]
So that's it - four pair of glasses - [one prescription sunglasses and two pairs of bi-focal lenses] all for less than $150. Gotta love it.
 In other news - I picked up one of those veggie spiraling thingies
[as seen on TV.]
And I AM LOVING spiral zucchini 
with a little kerrygold butter and garlic.
I added tomato, capers, and basil to this one 
and topped it with a little shaved Parmesan cheese.
Oh. My. 
So good.
Much thanks to Rhetta for the delicious recipe ideas!
Oh, you don't know Rhetta? 
 And lastly - 
 I'm mad at this one - he stayed gone almost the whole time my sweethert was gone, despite me calling for him... but was around within an hour of Craig getting home.
Guess I know who he loves best.
[Not that fish guts has anything to do with it - ha.]

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