Monday, April 6, 2015

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Day!

 ... a day to really focus on Christ’s Resurrection – and ALL He did for you, and me, and our friends, and that guy you pass on the street corner, or the women who JUST CANNOT DRIVE but keeps sliding into your blind spot
Every. Single. Morning. 
[That hasn’t really happened to me – but I’ve had plenty of cRaZy driving experiences  
as I go up and down The 65.] 
BUT! How wonderful that He loves us – HE REALLY LOVES US. 
Every. Single. One. Of. Us. 
Despite our flaws and sin and utter unloveablity. 
 Praise God. 
He provides salvation to every one of us who chooses to accept it.
Our day started with sunrise service up on Monte Sano. Loved it. 
[And kind of loved that another sunrise service was going on just across the way from us – hearing sweet music when our service was quieter – just made me think of pockets of Christ-followers praising around the city or countryside way back in the day.]
[The Golden Hour in the morning is almost more special than the afternoon, 
don'tcha think?]
Next we had a little Easter Breakfast at home with our little family 
[so sad that I didn’t get a group photo – ] 
I used cookies from a local bakery for our place cards
[just for fun, and decor {and TO EAT - They are SO GOOD.}
- We really sit wherever we want -]
We had fruit [frozen, thawed and tossed in a little mint syrup - made with mint from our garden, easy-peasy,]  breakfast casserole [with turkey sausage -- my friend, Bobbie's recipe [I really think the secret is buttering the bread before assembly.]
We also had asparagus wraps -- just asparagus, pancetta, and parmesan wrapped in puff pastry - YUM, deviled eggs,and carrot cake scones [both made the day before.] Despite ‘cake’ being in the name, the scones were not overly sweet; [recipe from] they had a nice flavor. 
And then we ended the meal with Easter Cup Cakes 
and Haley’s Birthday Cake [with yummy icing.] 
After a wonderful meal together we left the kids at home watching videos from their rocket-launching fun the day before – and headed over to The Shoals so we could go to church
with Craig’s mama and then to lunch too.
We tried a new-to-us place that we’d heard rave reviews about – 
just good ole southern all-you-can-eat cooking. 
It was good to have time to just relax and visit together!
A full day for sure.
But so nice to celebrate The Resurrection with family near and far!
Now, it’s time for the rabbits to be put away and spring / summer décor to come out –
Happy Spring y’all!
[I’ve switched to Pepcid for my stomach and I made it ALL day without allergy meds! #whoknewitwasahistamine ?]
Also, the white rabbit may stay out for a while - 
I just love the quirkiness of him setting on the stove - lol.
[I know I'm weird -]

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