Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sometimes I just need to spend time with Art...

And, while I'm not 'officially' doing any of the [wonderful] year-long
 classes / challenges out there... 
I am following along with a couple of groups that give me inspiration. 
[Inspired by those in the Journaling Bible Group  - FB]
Inspired by Stephanie Ackerman & The Documented Faith Group she has going on 
[with weekly inspiration - free]
Inspired by Donna Downy and her [free] Inspiration Wednesday Group on FB. 
Also a paid class with video lessons
[I'm not enrolled in that.]
Inspired by Mindy Lacefield
and for the class I'm teaching at the upcoming Wonderland Crop.
It's going to be fun, y'all!.
[This idea from pinterst...]
And, of course, inspired by Junelle Jacobson, 
the only class I've actually enrolled in this year.
She's SO FUN
- and such a great teacher!
[And we are LOVING the Gieco commercial that's on these days...]

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