Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Okay - so I've planned to share

a few scrapbook pages that I've recently completed each month...
The problem? 
I cannot EVEN remember the last time I completed a scrapbook page --
[Other than the December Album I did - ]
I know it was at the Scrapbook Playhouse, but when was I last there?!?
 Since I apparently HAVE NO BRAIN 
[and may need to start playing those mind-strengthening games the oldest has told me about - although, I prefer to blame a little absent-mindfulness on an overly busy schedule] 
I found a photo of a favorite page that I completed early last year...
This is a favorite -
I think we sometimes struggle with just how to scrapbook a non-people photo... 
Well, y'all know I like to bunch up a lot of tags to the side... so I did that, and then added a favorite quote on top - dots under the photo anchor it to the page and coordinate with the borders to the left. 
It's a favorite of mine!
And yes... I've now looked in my October folder 
and found a few I took photos of layouts completed during the Halloween Retreat - 
Love this one [completed for a challenge - ] and thought I'd share it since it's still sweetheart month -- just random photos gathered together with a cute title.
And the last one for this month -- 
a favorite instagram photo. 
Printed at Costco 8x8 ----
I have a smaller [4x4] hanging in my office 
as a reminder to start each day with a grateful heart...
[Ronna Designs for Instagram -]
Apologies if some of these are repeats! 
Hopefully, this monthly post will motivate me to 
get scrappin'!!

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