Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In an effort to not reveal too much information on social media…

I may or may not be at the beach this week – ha.
Well... it could've been last week....

It’s our annual Social Work Convention!

[and yes, the oldest is checking on the house, and EmmaLou, and Pawley…]
I love this social work con [trying to be all-hipster, there] for a few reasons - 
The Gulf - hello?!?
LOTS of Continuing Ed!!
And LOTS of different topics within the SW realm...
Truly - a great little get-a-way for lots of reasons...
- I’m so glad that my sweetheart can come along to The Gulf with me.

It’s one of our most favorite places to be together… 

So – This post is supposed to be about Recipes! Healthy Eating! Etc.!

And I thought I’d share a favorite with you –

Shrimp and Grits
 This really such a simple recipe to make – 
and y’all know I’m such a detailed cook -ha - 
So, this is what I do [feel free to make it more complicated, if you want -]
First, I get out my bag of frozen shrimp [already cooked, usually] and break the tails off - 
I might saute them quickly in a little olive oil [or water] 
but usually just throw them in the grits once they're done...
I put some chicken broth in a pot to boil and then add instant grits
[When I've been without grits, I've been known to make the very specialized polenta with good ole southern [white] cornmeal instead...]
As this cooks to the consistency I desire, I stir in some shredded cheddar cheese [or really any cheese I have that I want to use - smokey Gouda is SO DELISH.]
Next is a little chopped up [cooked] bacon, from the bag of pre-cooked bacon slices we keep in the fridge...
Then, I either stir in the shrimp and heat until warmed, 
or serve in bowls and top with the shrimp - 
whatever seems right at the time...
You can see my 'go-to' recipe is really THAT simple 
and can be on the table in less than thirty minutes...
 Now, I have been known to get a little fancier, especially if I have some fresh onion and bell pepper on hand --  in that case, I saute' the veggies in olive oil until they're nice and tender, and add the shrimp with a little creole spice before popping them on top of the grits. 
Still, a pretty simple meal. It's one of our favorites... Right up there with calling Publix to boil us up some shrimp and picking up a baked potato from Steak-Out. 
Y'all know I'm THAT kinda cook. Ha.
BTW - both the pics are from Google Images...

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