Monday, January 12, 2015

We enjoyed finishing up our holidays

last weekend... first with gatherings for New Year's Eve
and New Year's day that I shared earlier...

-- It's always fun to have our boys home with friends -
And they're all so good to agree to my crazy photo - shenanigans...

Then we enjoyed our last family Christmas down in Birmingham -
I think MK LOVED her hammock that Craig got for her -

And while I do love everything about the holidays SO MUCH,
it's been nice to get things put away
and a little more simple around here -
Love these bird prints that I picked up during our travels
[4 of them for $20.]
Hope you all stayed warm during our little 'cold spell' this weekend -
We did, and while we didn't have any frozen pipes - we did have a connector to the washing machine freeze and cause a bit of a mess! But my sweetheart was able to fix that up pretty quickly. Yay.
We also had the joy of calling our heating guys out on Saturday - and our unit is hanging in here with us, but they've ordered a part that should get us better than ever by mid-week.
 Yes, we love cold weather 'round these parts. ha. 
EmmaLou, not so much - she's cold all the time anyway, 
so this was just a little much for her - lol.
So she was treated to a little on-the-bed play time
- it's heated...
[and she's rarely allowed upstairs - ]
In other news... we took a quick trip up to Chattanooga to take the youngest some furniture that
the oldest had been storing from my mama's house.
 Love that he lives close enough to do this -
we had a nice dinner together before heading back home --
- And I LOVED seeing a favorite movie on the big screen this weekend
- if you missed it, It shows again on Wednesday.
It was a treat!
I also spent much of the weekend working on some art - just for fun -
This is inspired by Mindy Lacefield.
Very folk-artsy ---
 And for a little class I'll be teaching at the
Scrapping for a Cure [CF] Crop in Memphis in March.
I love this crop - always fun, and for such a great cause! 
 I'll share more as the classes are posted!
But here's a hint - it's all about sketching
and lettering and art-journaling!
- I hope you'll consider being a part!!
I'm following a few year-long on-line art groups this year,
but have not committed to any of them.
It's fun to see what everyone is doing!

But I want to try and stay focused with Beth Moore's
SSMT --- where we memorize two scripture passages a month.
SURELY I can do this...
but I've tried before and, well... just didn't keep up.
Maybe blogging about it will help me be more accountable --
We'll see...
And while it's nothing fancy -
I do plan to create a bit with my verses,
as a way to meditate on them and learn them ...
We'll choose a new verse on the 15th...
Go here to find out more - 
I'd love to have you join me!

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