Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We had our 'last' art group meetiing

 this month at my house -

[We'll have an artist-date type meeting in December where we'll finish up our Bible Study at a cute little cafe by the river and then shop the local antique and thrift stores...]
I love God's timing - this month our study talked about bringing our creativity to God... 
being thankful for what He has given us -
 and how we are made differently, yet, 
we can pull our strengths together in a mighty way --
And since we've had a 'thankful tree' in our house for as long as I can remember I thought it would be fun to create a canvas [yes! we moved up from our journal cards!] based on this one [on the left] that was inspired by Christy Tomlinson's class a few years back - 
I did the pink one during our meeting this month - 
But I was so inspired by the ones the others created, I wanted to put one in my art journal for the class as well.... 
[you can see it closer at the top --]
Then... while I was traveling for work 
[and I've done a bit of that lately - ha], 
I saw these prints in my hotel room 
and thought I'd put my spin on it for the other page in my book.
Not exact, for sure! 
But still, I think you can see the inspiration - 
And I've so loved creating in my art journals 
these past couple of years - 
creating with no expectations of perfection - 
just expression... 
and creative learning.. 
and gathering my thoughts together ...
What kind of things inspire you when you create?  

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