Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Back in the day

[when we had our on-line kit company] 
I started a Yahoo Group - 
and we had a core group that was pretty active -
We shared together, not only our scrapbook pages, 
but bits and pieces of our lives as well...
and then, as groups do - 
people began to move on - 
[the average life a group, therapeutic, or otherwise is about five years --]
putting their time and talents into other pursuits 
So we moved the group to Facebook 
as many of us were migrating our social activities that direction -- 
But maybe FB has more distractions - or it was the time / group growth facter, we've just had the same closeness as we had before...
All that to say - I miss the interaction of that group - 
I miss hearing how my friends far and wide are doing ---
and I miss the scrapbook challenges we used to have - 
Old-School Challenges that start out like this:
with a list of [random] things to be included on each layout -- 
 and morph into our own sketches and then into layouts --
[well, it's possible that not everyone does a sketch - ha 
-- and my disclainer -- my layouts don't always end up like my sketch, 
look around this post and you can see what I'm talking about -  ]
So a few months back I dug deep into my psyche [ha] and put together a crop for us --
And when, I'm saying 'old-school' 
I mean being challenged to use EYELETS and staples [oh my!] 
and other scrapbook embellishments on our pages.
We only had a couple participate in the challenge -
 but I sure enjoyed it - 
and completed TEN layouts last week - FUN.
- These are some of the ones I did -
And yes...
I ***may*** be getting on the
 project life / pocket page 
scrapbook band-wagon.
Time will tell --
It's really not so different from the two-up albums 
I've created through the yeas for vacation albums...

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