Friday, October 31, 2014

Tonight I pulled together

 some of my favorite witches.
[Who am I kidding? 
We got together to scrapbook all weekend 
and they agreed to this for our Halloween Crop Dinner!]
Y’all know I love a party – 
AND my new doughnut pan –
 AND sprinkles!
[Although, I **DO** need to work on this icing thing – 
it keeps soaking into the donuts, still delicious though!]
I was able to arrive a little early to set a proper welcome 
with some bats and broom parking spots -- 
[the pumpkin was already there- so cute!]
And I love to set a pretty table 
– something I always enjoyed seeing my Mama do –
Everything here was pulled from my house 
or bought at a deep discount store 
– I picked up the bowls at Walmart and added a cute sticker…
The witch is from Kohls [on sale], 
and pumpkin lights are from a flea market in south Georgia [2 bucks -] – lol.
On the menu – white chicken chili
[easy to do ahead and keep warm in the crockpot],
 pumpkin cheese ball [made with salsa – NOT pumpkin, ha,] 
calico muffins [basically cornbread 
with some chopped red and green pepper mixed in,] 
and the donuts. Yum!
Place settings / Take-A-Ways:
I decided early on to have a couple of party favors 
and when I saw these little pumpkins at The Dollar Tree 
I knew I could use the cricut to monogram them 
just like the big versions we’re seeing all over the internet. 
And, since everyone doesn’t love Halloween 
quite as much as me, these were perfect for a little autumn decoration!
 I also wanted to make this fall chex mix [SO GOOD!] so I put it in these little bags I found and tied a skeleton on each one with a poem that I remember from EARLY childhood. Mama would always say it in a spooky scary voice… in a fun way, of course. 
Have you seen the ghost,
the ghost of John?
Long white bones
the rest all gone...
Wouldn't it be chilly
with no skin on?
– Was it in one of my sister’s school books? 
[I’ve had these skellies forever and never used them…]
 I also printed some free printables for our drink labels.
Note: Since this event was held at the Scrapbook Play House 
I used command hooks with my decorations!
[I think they are my new best friend! Ha.]
Except for the lollies - the command hooks don't work on popcorn ceilings so I had to find a stick to tie them to - then I taped it to the bannister with masking tape - 
gotta be innovative, people! 
 We had a prize for the best hat and Julie won!! 
Isn't it gorgeous?!?
I think everyone had a good time –
 we plan to stay up late crafting the night away…
Hmmm… now that we don’t have little ones to do Halloween with,
I wonder if this could become a yearly tradition?
Oops - should have cropped a little better 
so you couldn't see the masking tape 
holding the stick with the lollies - ha.
-- Real life, people -  
[I'll crop it before it goes in the scrapbook - ha.]

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