Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm in a little [?] group over on facebook

called Journaling Bible Community - 
And here's my thoughts - 
I actually bought this wide margin Bible a few years ago to take to church 
so I could write sermon notes in it 
[instead of the little pages they give us each week - which inevitably get lost...] 
And I've always been a bit of doodler - highlighter, etc 
So this works for me.
[I still use my Life Application Study Bible for Bible Study...]
 My [self-imposed] guidelines are:
1. Limited / or no writing / creating over the scripture
2. Art should be added to highlight a scripture / sermon, etc 
[No art just for art's sake -]
3.Use only colored pencils and ink 
[no bulking up the pages with other supplies - 
this is NOT a scrapbook or an art journal for me.
But there's really no rules to scripture journaling / art journaling 
and there's lots of really beautiful stuff going on over in the group - 
Some really fabulous stuff -
 For me? 
I'm keeping it simple - just want to highlight my thoughts from the scripture - 
- Come on over and join in if you think it's a good fit for you -

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