Monday, August 18, 2014

Due to some out of town work

I missed going to the Farmer’s Market for a couple of weeks -

[although I did visit the one in Montgomery and got some gorgeous zinnias!]

So it was fun to walk down to our local market this week and pick up a few things –

We ended up with striped zucchini, bell pepper, new potatoes, okra, tomatoes…

And some rosemary bread we picked up at The Chattanooga Market over the weekend.
After our long walk [2.5 miles - ha]… 
in the heat… 
we decided to just have 
bacon and tomato sandwiches for dinner that night.

And, let me tell you – the rosemary bread made a delicious addition to the flavor.

 But the next night we re-purposed some rotisserie chicken

[added a little garlic, butter, and brown sugar and warmed it slowly]

and enjoyed it with roasted new potatoes

[in the crockpot all day with just a bit of water,]

vegetable strata,

[layer thin slices of squash, onion, and tomatoes –

cook in the microwave then add grated cheese on top – so good!]

and fried okra

[just toss in some cornmeal before frying on the stove.]

We were STUFFED.

But I still had veggies to use…

So Saturday morning I whipped up a

nice hearty vegetable frittata

for my Artsy Bible Study Group –

I sautéed the [chopped] bell pepper, 
squash and cubed new potatoes with onion and a tomato

[from the plant right outside my kitchen door!]
 Then I poured over some beaten eggs and cooked until set.

Added a little cheese on top.

Again, a favorite of ours.

– I can remember stirring up this little dish on evenings when we’d come in late from a camping trip [or other travel] and need something quick to eat that was made from the stuff we had on hand

[I often use frozen potato cubes in it.]

I think the gals in our group liked it - 
I know I did ... 

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