Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sooooo.... I started another on-line class

and when I take a video class with her, 
it's like she's sitting right here beside me 
showing me how she works her magic -- 
So this class is all about summer, and farmer's markets, and cooking [yes! her sister is joining in with some fun farmer's market meals - perfect for me and my self-imposed challenge this summer, don't you think?]
 Well, apparently the farmers' markets that Junelle goes to have dogs everywhere!
[They aren't allowed at our little market.]
So she has lots of dog ideas this go 'round. 
And, I love it! 
I sooooo want to be able to draw a decent dog - lol.
We'll also be doing veggies, and bikes, and canned foods ETC.- all things that are fun and help hone our watercolor skills...She has challenged us to do a sketch a day.
And I agree - it's through daily practice that we get better and better -- 
I've accepted the dog-a-day challenge and I've stepped out to share some here -
[Don't judge harshly, please -]
Keep in mind that these are the first 'real' dogs I've ever even attempted -- 
Let's see if I'm improved, or found a dog-style of my own  by the end of class...
And won't you come on over and join us?

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