Monday, July 28, 2014

So we had a busy weekend

moving the youngest from Auburn to Chattanooga 
where he will begin his first {{real}} job in a couple of weeks! 
Kind of sad - but oh, so exciting too!
We went to Auburn Friday - packed things up - 
drove up through Atlanta on Saturday 
[sitting on I-75 for a bit - wheee] 
 And then we drove home and back to Chattanooga 
with some more stuff on Sunday - 
So glad it's less than two hours away ---  
 We unloaded at the 300 Building 
[LOVE IT. - He has covered parking {included} across the street, 
a Y {great discount} next to that; and a FUN artist studio space right next door!] 
He's just a few blocks from his new office space!
[So fun that Craig and I ate lunch just a block from here 
when we were visiting for The Running of the Chihuahuas 
- not having any idea that Matt would end up here!]
It's also within walking distance of the river front area - 
lots of restaurants, and fun stores
[and yes, some great tourist places too!] 
I think it will be a good fit for him!

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