Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Did I mention

that I'm encouraging the Bible Study / Art Group to use their books as art journals?
Here's some pages I've done so far --
On the left I simply painted around what I'd written in the book in answer to the lesson's questions - then I added two tiny flower stickers [that were just laying on my table - ] and drew in the stems and 'leaves.' [I'll admit, I used a ruler to keep them straight on the page...]
On the right, I stuck  down a little chipboard bird and a strip of patterned paper with butterflies on it... then I used alpha stickers to put down a thought we talked about during our time together:
Take Chances
Make Accept Embrace Mistakes
- I kinda love it
since it represents our discussion that morning -
On this page I traced my hand in the middle of doing the lesson [and it was fun to see that another member of our group had done the same thing!] and wrote inside it the words to the children's song - 
Look all the World over there's no one like me
- No one like me - No one like me..
No one exactly like me...
And on the other page I created Christian mandala - I wanted the cross to be the center... 
with the rest representing God's glorious creation...
I kept some of the words I'd written in during the study...
And of course, this one we've already talked about - 
but I included it here since it's a part of chapters one and two...
Would love to see how your using your art journal as we go through this study...

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