Monday, May 19, 2014

This past weekend my sweet sister and I

 FINALLY had the time and energy

to get together to celebrate her birthday!  

We had reservations at a local painting studio to create…

what else?


Once we got relaxed and in the groove

[and to be clear… we brought our own drinks… McDonald’s Tea – Ha]

we really enjoyed mixing colors and creating these gals.

We put one in red in honor of our mom…

and, for me, the others just represent the many women in my sisterhood of life…

[Does that even make sense?] 

I took a the quote along to put on the finished product

[and we put a bit of dictionary paper underneath it all

– defining sisters, of course.]

I’ve gotta say – I love this woman –

She has been a constant in my life and loves me despite my faults.

I CANNOT imagine life without her…

I am so [bery] glad that she is in my life ---

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