Monday, April 7, 2014

I said before

 ... this was an entire weekend of artsy goodness with Junelle at Donna Downey Studios!  [There’s just something special about spending earmarked time 
with people who enjoy the same passions as I do -]
After we felt comfortable with the art journal process we switched gears and Junelle walked us though creating on wooden blocks… we sanded and gesso’d them first, of course.  Then we started creating... Junelle showed us, step-by-step, how to create a peony – and somehow my entire video is of the view looking OUT THE WINDOW of the studio – 
must have clicked the wrong button – ha. 
But I enjoyed watching her process in person!
And then creating my own.
This is my flower block – during the process – 
which is messy, I won’t lie – but fun… and I loved how it turned out. 
[Again, I used that wax paper from our sandwiches – I’m SUCH an up-cycler – ha.] 
We had three blocks we could use and I did this one, a girl with boots, and some wonky mail boxes… fashioned after a photo I took of the mailboxes outside the studio - 
I love them so much that I just had to continue sketching them - 
and finally got what I wanted -
... pen and water color -
I love everything about them – the simplicity, the rural look, the daffodils! 
This is probably one of my favorite pieces ever…. 
It's sitting on my desk at work...
We had an awesome time – 
and while I only knew these ladies previously from our on-line classes 
it was so fun to get to create together!
In person! 
I LOVED seeing all the different things that everyone created throughout the weekend!

Again – so fun to meet Junelle IN REAL LIFE
Such a sweetheart with a heart for bringing women to the Lord.
Much thanks again to Donna and Bill and staff
for a wonderful  - wonderful - weekend!
After the whirlwind weekend of art 
I had just enough time to walk through IKEA 
[about an hour, seriously]
before heading to the airport to catch my plan home…  
And time wasn’t my only problem – I had VERY LITTLE space in my luggage… so I ended up purchasing only a few pillows, but at $4 each I just couldn’t pass them up!
 [I ordered the much-treasured cart on-line once I got home 
 – will share it in my studio re-do in a few days…] 

It was one great weekend – and I’d do it again in a heartbeat – only I’d probably buckle down and drive that nine hour drive [but I’m sooo NOT a good car traveler --] mainly because I’d forgotten how very small those little commuter jets could be – lol…
 Still, an hour and a half vs. nine… I don’t know….
 [Much thanks to Donna for taking so many photos and 
sharing them with us to grab on facebook!]

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Terri Burson said...

I caught your post on Teresa Collins blog when I spotted Scottsboro, AL. BEEN.THERE! Ha. So we're neighbors. I'm just down aways near Anniston. So to support my neighbor, gotta follow your blog. If you want to do the same, great.. and
You sound like my kinda people!