Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I started another class this week...

I know.
- I'm crazy 
And she started with owls - which have never been my favorite birds - but you know what? 
I've grown to love them - 
and it's like they are stuck in my head and I can't stop drawing them - ha.
Here's a couple I've done this week ---
This first one is my take on a flying owl
- which I've only seen once in my life... 
[When one swooped down in attempt to grab EmmaLou.]
And here's the first one I did from the class...
Keep in mind they are SUPPOSED to be  
fun and whimsical.
Honestly, I can't stop sketching them!
[Click on the link above to see more about Junelle!]
So I couldn't stop tweaking it - 
Can you see a difference? 
I added more doodling and papers to the wings...
oh, and green eyelids - lol -
On a more serious note - please continue to keep one of my cousin's in your prayers - 

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