Sunday, March 30, 2014

I make no secret that when I am creating

I feel God's presence - 
Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the 
'Let Your Inner Gardens Grow' 
class with Junelle Jacobson. 
She's true to herself and to our Lord.
Sooo sweet, really!
The weekend was FILLED with art - 
sketching - painting on wooden blocks - and art journaling. 
[I'll get a post up soon with lots of details  ~]
I chose a little 7x7 book by Max Lucado to make my art journal - 
and here's a page I created... 
The main verse was on the center of the page: 
"You are precious to Him. 
So precious that He became like you 
so that you would come to Him"
With all the feelings of my not understanding surrounding Brian's death this just spoke to me... So I created this page and added the verse
"His eye is on the sparrow... 
and I know He watches me."
Because I do KNOW and BELIEVE that despite all the [tragic] things this 'ole world can throw at us - He watches over us and cares enough for ME [and you] to become like us so that we can live with Him eternally...
Process: I used gesso on the page [surrounding the quote,] drew the tree and bird in, added acrylic paint, and marker -- the bird's nest is made from the wax paper [with newspaper text] that was around our sandwiches - ha.
I left that plain [with no paint -]

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Sarah Martin said...

Wonderful!!!! Love this so much. Praise God!