Tuesday, February 11, 2014

So... on to the Skunk Train -

[Apparently so-named because, back in the day,
the fuel smelled so bad you could smell it coming for miles...] 
I can't say enough how much I appreciate Craig doing some research and having a few things mapped out for us during this trip! This was really nice.
COLD. But, nice.
We were fortunate that it was not overly crowded --
This little train ride took us through some beautiful scenery - 
and it took most of the day
We thought the trees were so big and beautiful! -
We had NO IDEA how HUGE the trees we'd be seeing the next day would be ---
 We stopped at a little spot that was set up to serve lunch -
and decorated for fall... very nice.
[Some passengers changed trains and traveled on to Ft. Bragg where they stayed a couple of days before catching the train back to Willets...]
But we traveled back to Willets where we picked up a few groceries and had turkey sandwiches with yummy local cheese and apples and veggie chips for dinner. Yum.
Lots of hippies, huggers, and hikers around...
Then it was Northward -- on to The Valley of The Giants. 
And, oh my - they WERE giants, indeed. 
And smelled so wonderful too...
Although, I'm not sure my sinuses loved it...
[Craig - driving through a tree!]
On my bucket list -- to drive through a tree -- 
and, so,
we did.
Look at the estimated age of that thing!
And -- it's STILL alive.
Wow - 
[Judy - pretending to drive through a tree - ha.
Craig really drove through it - this ine was extra tight, y'all.]
We drove through this one later in the day -
 This is The Shrine Tree in Myer's Flat, about an hour north - 
and it said it was over 3,000 years old.
That's OLD y'all -
Like, Jesus-time, old.
 We just took our time meandering through this enchanted land - 
stopping and walking through paths from time to time...
Just so incredibly amazing... 
we loved everything about them... 
But of course, we took to the time to enjoy some fun little 'landmarks' as well - 
BigFoot, anyone?
Or a random cob of corn on the side of the road?
Or a caribou farm / refuge?
Complete with a caribou with bird?
But mostly it was about the trees in all of their glorious goodness...
I wish you could see the video Craig made of us walking along a path through them ---
It REALLY shows how HUGE they are...
We may have to get it on You-Tube, somehow...
I loved {{LOVED}} these little [HA!!] tree houses made from some of the giant trunks - 
I want one in my yard!
I think Craig would love the 'One Log House' that was built like a camper before it's time - it traveled the country [pulled on wheels behind a truck] back in the forties.
It was pretty neat too.

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