Friday, February 14, 2014

After staying in Oakland we moved

to a hotel [yes, Choice] 
in downtown San Francisco - 
I think we could be here for a month and still 
not see / do all the things we wanted to do ----
A wonderful place with underground parking 
and a view of The Golden Gate.
[The place was completely full -
We were just a little later checking out - ha]
Seriously, how gorgeous is this?!?
[Taken from our room.]
And even though we were two floors higher than our room in Oakland - 
I never once thought about an earthquake. ha.
The fog didn't burn off until almost noon --
We were definitely within 
walking distance of lots of touristy things - 
So we headed down to the bay and enjoyed seeing swimmers [cRaZy]
and boats on the beautiful water. 
You can barely see the bridge behind me. 
The fog was incredible -- 
And not always in a good way - lol
 Then we walked over to Ghirardelli Square and enjoyed a yummy chocolate sundae --
And, some free samples - pumpkin spice? 
We walked [and shopped a bit] around the area and down to The Wharf again...
We had fun taking lots of photos along the way -
 So much to see [and do!]
And so many people! 
So many languages!
Very different from the isolated places 
we'd been up in The Avenue of the Giants.
 Then we had the crazy idea to walk UP to Lombard Street.
Blocks and blocks - straight up.
And so, 
we did. 
Had to stop for some photos along the way -
Laughed about the different modes of transportation - 
with the vacuum out there with them - made us think of Hocus Pocus.
More photos -
[an excuse to rest my calves - omgoodness 
that walk straight up just about killed my them...
I wasn't out of breath - just HURTING.]
 Yay. We made it!
And then we 
[We're crazy like that -]
It was fun.
So curvy - crazy -
  and [well... not so] steep...
It was a little easier to walk since it was not straight up...
Either that or my calves were dead by that point. Ha.
And the houses were so great tucked back into the hillside!
These are little [tiny] cars you could 
rent by the hour and drive all over town.
We didn't.
But it looked fun.
On this [not-so-crowded] street --
Later we drove down Lombard ourselves.
In our bigger car.
It was fun too.
A beautiful view of The City.
Then we headed over to Golden Gate Park [via car.]
[We found a sand castle contest along the way.
Kind of amazing.]
We wanted to get up close and personal [as possible -ha.]
We had beautiful views of the city from there as well --
It was gorgeous - but OH SO COLD...
That wind blowing in from The Pacific was freezing!
 Thank goodness we found 
The Warming Hut.
... too bad it was closed for the day... 
And  I'll admit that I was doubly thankful Craig had talked me into 
purchasing my $12 SF wind jacket - lined in fleece... I needed it.
We took one last photo together 
[swapping cameras with some girls who barley spoke English - ]
catching the sunset on our way out of the city - 
So happy we got to see it before the fog started rolling back in! 
I think I'd get tired of living in the fog pretty quickly...
And then it was time to get all of THIS 
into two suitcases [each - we actually bought an 
extra at a thrift store to get us back home - lol.]
And we headed back home early the next morning -- 
It was fun to fly through Vegas and see 
The Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon from the air...
This was such a wonderful trip and, seriously, I've only shared a bit with you - I didn't have time to mention the prairie dog that welcomed us to Carmel, or all the hippies, hikers, and [tree] huggers - and bikers we saw.... or the Italian place that wasn't...or the gorgeous flowers that seemed to be in bloom year 'round.
Oh! My!
It kind of makes me want to go back -
So I'll encourage you to think about going too!

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